Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Battle of Bowness

The barbarian hordes led by Pattus Magnus, High Chief of the Montgomeries, raided west in great numbers against their traditional rivals in Bowness, where they swept all before them in red ruin.

Word of the atrocities committed spread quickly in all directions.

In fear of the High Chief's wrath, the elders of the Village of Greenwood, the garrison of the Three Towers guarding the Sarcee Pass, and the Count of Silver Springs bent the knee to their new, and hairy, barbarian overlords.

Territories following the Battle of Bowness
This was the second battle in north western Petrolia. The outcome of the DBA game was pretty one-sided - I don't remember the exact outcome, but it was in the realm of 4-1 ot 4-0.

In our very simple campaign rules, we use the differential between the number of elements the victor destroyed (4) and the number the victor lost (1 or 0) as a die modifier on the rolls to determine if areas adjacent to the battle site capitulate. So, if it were a result of 4-3, the neighbouring territories surrender on a '6', if it is 4-2 they surrender on a '5-6', and so on.

It is a simple system, but it helps make the battle results count in the wider strategic context, since we don't carry battlefield losses forward to the next game. It also makes conquering territories in a central position, with more neighbouring areas, more desirable since there is more chance to expand the realm.

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