Monday, 27 April 2015

Territory following the Battle of Hawkwood

King Daniel, First of his Name, carried the day in glorious victory against the forces of the nefarious Grand Duchy of Hawkwood.
King Daniel’s ambassadors were welcomed in Dalhousie, where he was acclaimed as their overlord.
The Kingdom of Citadel's first Conquests
Embassies to Ranchlands and Brentwood were refused and those insults to his Majesty shall be put right in the New Year.

Campaigning in Petrolia

Petrolia is a fictional continent based (loosely) on the map of the city where I reside. Petrolia was created, by Pattus Magnus the Hairy, High Chief of Montgomery (me) in collabotarion with Daniel the Vast, First of his Name, King of Citadel, as a backdrop for our tabletop wargame battles.

North Western Petrolia
Essentially, following each game (usually, but not always, DBA) we play against each other, the victor chooses a city or town adjacent to one he already possesses. In addition, towns that are adjacent to the newly acquired territory may also decide that discretion is the better part of valor and capitulate, rather than risk being sacked.
So far we have included the results of six games in the on-going saga. 
In addition to recording the Chronicle of the wars in Petrolia, I will also be using this blog as a site to document some of my other wargaming adventures, as well as occasional WIP posts about wargame miniatures painting and terrain making.