Thursday, 7 May 2015

Battle of Arbor River

King Daniel the Vast, his Benevolent Majesty, was sorely provoked by his western neighbour, the Count Elect of Arbor Lake. His majesty sent a strong force to demand satisfaction.

The ensuing battle by the fords on the River Arbor was fierce but King Daniel’s foot carried the crossings where they had been repulsed before and were victorious.

As the council deposed the Count Elect and offered abject submission, his majesty spared the city from pillage. At word of this mercy, the nearby towns of Ranchland and Royal Oak invited his benign rule.

Territory following the Battle of Arbor River
One of the aspects of this campaign is that it doesn't rely on one set of tactical rules to resolve the battles. Basically, the result of whatever tabletop game we play is translated into conquered territories. Rather than DBA, this time we fought thes battle using the Battles of Westeros rules. Daniel the Vast had played the Lannisters in scenario twice before and lost both times to his queen, so he assured me that I couldn't lose playing the Starks... I proved him wrong!

I enjoyed the game - it played fairly quickly and once I wrapped my head around the dice and card management system I had fun, even in defeat.

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