Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Attack by Sea - The Invasion of Evanston

Having successfully invaded Brentwood and crushed all in his path, King Daniel the Vast turned his attention to the application of a new technology for expaanding his realm. He launched an invasion fleet of war galleys from his port at Royal Oak and turned east along the Stoney Strait.

Fleets on a (Small) Budget - Paper Roman Quinqremes on Cardboard Bases
The Evanstian fleet left port to challenge King Daniel's armada. They formed up among some small islands and sand bars, then moved forward into battle.

The Fleets move to Contact
Although less experienced than their Evanstian opponents, King Daniel's navy fought with great vigour. They boarded many enemy ships and in the end, drove their enemies from the sea.

Following their defeat, the citizens of Evanston capitulated to King Daniel. The neighbouring city of Country Hills also chose discretion over valour and offered their submission. King Daniel was pleased with his new vacation territories on the coast!

Territory following the Battle of Evanston
For the naval game we used a home-brew set, with two paper model fleets. I made the paper models by finding suitable images online, turning them into "waterline" pictures, and then making a mirror image. It turned out to be quite simple and looks reasonably good.

As for naval operations in the canpaign, we allow a fleet to attack any other territory it is linked to by a sea-lane. If the invaders are successful, then adjacent land territories roll for capitulation.

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