Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Battle of Brentwood

Having subdued the lands to the South and West, King Daniel, First of His Name, sought to consolidate his hold on the Caravan Road. He mustered his forces and prepared to invade Brentwood.
The invasion was delayed by the extended visit of the Queen’s mother, but eventually proceeded. The delay did not cool the fighting spirit of the King’s army. When the trumpets sounded the army advanced, the most eager of all being a column of pike, who ran at full speed to engage the enemy. The battle hung in the balance but the King's army prevailed – Brentwood would be his!
The Impetuous Charge of the Pikes - Next stop Brentwood?
Fearing King Daniel’s anger, the rival highland city of Edgemont offered submission to his highness.
Territory following the Battle of Brentwood


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